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While there are many more features can be added to the website, these are the 12 must have features that any website or blog should have. Webmasterkey is an internet marketing company nagpur For your easy understanding, we have given the snapshots of this website (wherever possible) so that you can immediately connect and understand.

1.Effective slider:

1. Engaging banners or effective slider in your business website: Effective website is the one that communicates USPs (unique selling propositions or unique selling points) of your business or profession to visitor in first 30 seconds. These first 30 seconds of a new visitor are very crucial within which he or she normally decides whether to continue and dig more into the website or come out of website by clicking cross button on upper right corner. These banners or slider on home page on above fold area is, therefore, the most fundamental factor for making the business website “engaging”.

It’s imperative

that your website banner or slider tells small story or concept within those 4-5 slides that engages users and convince. Stories activate the imagination, stimulate the emotions, and create the desire to find out what happens at the end of the story. When it comes to marketing, it translates to more traffic, higher click rates, and better conversion figures.

Slider highlights

your USPs effectively and sells for you 24 x 7 x 365. From the photographs and contents you provide, we make 4-5 graphic rich creative and customized slider on the home page with relevant tag line that communicates the point to visitors in first 30 seconds that compels him/her to dig more and more details of the website and enquire.

In this http://webmasterkey.in/ website, there are 5 slides in the home page slider.

I. Take a leverage of digital world; make your first impression

– Super fresh looking energetic young girl appealing with a conviction, smile, looking straight into the eyes of visitor.

digital marketing solutions in nagpur
Slide 1

II. Our easy to navigate websites, convert visitors into sales lead

– A statement in continuation to the appeal in first slide i.e. “Take a leverage of digital world, make your first”. Look at the picture, a mouse that depicts visitor is compelled to dig further as the roads are clear with green signal. In short whatever a visitor is looking for can be searched and navigated very easily that result into enquiry. Needless to say, a picture of dice with question mark means an enquiry.

website design company nagpur
Slide 2

III. We help you stand out in competition

– A convincing statement for something is what every business man or professional looks for, is clearly exhibited in the slide with young girl’s photograph in explanation tone.

web design company akola
Slide 3

IV. Join the party, go viral

– Closure appeal to the visitor that can immediately registers in visitor’s mind.

Facebook marketing nagpur
Slide 4

V. Be equipped on internet! It’s not an option, its necessity! Call us!!

–Final slide with closure statement and CTA (call to action) i.e. “Call Us” with a mobile number and phone picture requesting visitor to call. Though all slides are equally important, final slide is most important and should be capable of triggering the enquiry call from visitor’s mobile.

Slide 5 facebook marketing company akola 

2.Content Management System:

2.  We develop your website in WordPress platform. It’s a most popular free and open-source Content Management System (CMS) in world.

This means, once the website is ready, you can manage contents of your website through web browser. You can add, modify or delete the contents of your website very easily. There would not be any dependency on any third party web company or developer or a webmaster. Webmasterkey is an internet marketing company nagpur
WordPress features include a plugin architecture and a template system.


Wordpress utilities
WordPress CMS features & utilities


web design company dharampeth
One can manage wordpress website very easily

WordPress was used by more than 26.4% of the top 10 million websites as of April 2016. WordPress is the most popular blogging system in use on the Web, at more than 60 million websites. Beauty of WordPress is, since its more than decade old, numerous help articles available on net and videos on the YouTube for any solution that end user might look for.

This website http://webmasterkey.in/ is developed in WordPress.

3.SEO friendly URL structure:

 Website designed in WordPress platform easily gets indexed on search engines and helps in improving ranking. Your website is likely to get ranked for your business related key words and can get traffic of targeted audience!

Webmasterkey is an internet marketing company nagpur

google connects to wordpress website nagpur
google connects to wordpress websites


if appropriately configured, seo and wordpress can go well
if appropriately configured, seo and wordpress can go well
Making easy for Google Bots to reach deep into your website pages and index those in order to get organic traffic

4. Responsive website:

One of the most important features required in the website today. More and more people are visiting websites on mobile and more than 50% of traffic comes from mobile and tablet devices. A responsive website provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from smart mobile phones to desktop computer monitors).


responsive websites nagpur
responsive websites


responsive website akola
non-responsive website

5. Social sharing of web pages:

 Spread your business information– This facilitates your visitors share valuable contents of your website on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked in and various other sites just by clicking on the buttons that spreads your website contents virally! This also includes WhatsApp sharing button (on mobile phones). Webmasterkey is an internet marketing company nagpur

whats app sharing button
whats app social sharing button – See any page of this website on your smart phone and you will see what’s app button (you wont see that on desktop 🙂 )
whats app button
Whats App Logo
social sharing buttons
Other social platforms where visitors can share your web page contents (you can add many more social platforms if required)

6. Email Opt-in Form:

– Without this, your b2c business website is incomplete. This permit subscription to regular updates, delivered automatically via a web portal. We use mail chimp.

email marketing nagpur
email optin form for newsletters or email marketing – you can see this form in footer section of this website

7.Social media snapshot:

Compels user to look into and also click “follow” button of twitter or “Like “ button of face book that increases followers base on any of platform :

facebook snapshot
facebook snapshot – can compels facebook friendly visitors to click like button and become fan of your fb page and increase your FB fan base
twitter profile snapshot
twitter snapshot – can compels twitter friendly visitors to click follow button and become follower of your twitter profile and increase your twitter followers base


8. *Social syndication:

You don’t need to update your FB page and Twitter account separately. Posts uploaded to the website will automatically be reflected on Facebook page and Twitter with excerpts only and with the relevant backlink to the website post… that diverts the traffic to website. internet marketing company nagpur This is required as there are too many distractions on social media platforms, then why not get traffic to our website?

We have published a post (URL : http://webmasterkey.in/importance-graphics-website-2/)

post snapshot (example)
post snapshot (example)

It is published on our twitter profile as :

twitter syndication
this is how the post published on a website appears on a twitter profile with a back link to the post published on website


social media marketing nagpur
this is how the post published on a website appears on a facebook page with a back link to the post published on website – you can see this on https://www.facebook.com/webmasterkey/

9.Latest publications list on home page:

Something that visitors look for. When is your last post published is what visitor wants to know. They are comfortable digging more into site when they see your last published post is 1 or 2 week latest. It may work adversely, if you do not update your website frequently with posts.

a snapshot of latest publications on home page of your website
a snapshot of latest publications does helps on home page of your website

  As they say, an image speaks thousand words. Images keep your visitors engaged. Light box feature facilitates user to see photograph in a bigger size (example of photogallery available on : http://webmasterkey.in/photogallery/) Webmasterkey is an internet marketing company nagpur and akola

example of photo gallery in this website is available on http://webmasterkey.in/photogallery/
example of photo gallery in this website is available on http://webmasterkey.in/photogallery/

11.Contact Form:

When your visitors are interested in your product or services, they will have facility to submit enquiries to contact form that will be saved in database, can be exported to excel file (.csv) and also directly send to your email ID (available on http://webmasterkey.in/contact-us/ )

example of contact form available on http://webmasterkey.in/contact-us/
example of contact form available on http://webmasterkey.in/contact-us/

12.“Call Now” Button on Mobile :

12. “Call Now” Button on Mobile :  When your website visitor sees the button for calling, he is tempted to call or likely to make a call to you for enquiry. Caller does not have to remember or dial your number :

internet marketing company nagpur
see our website www.webmasterkey.in on your smart phone and you will see the calling button. It’s psychological that when a person sees button there are higher chances of him / her pressing the button (for calling in this case).

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