What Is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is the most often heard phrase in the sector of media and advertisement. It is precisely the new wave of advertising which is driving companies forward in the stream of industries. The most effective tool to beat the competition with old and new players alike, the strategy is a compilation of tactics and assets that have gained companies an edge and saved them a space in the front row of the market. Companies like WebMasterKey have worked long towards the end of bringing companies to positions which is closest to the pinnacle.

What is Digital Marketing?

The Assets of Digital Marketing

The question of what is digital marketing cannot be solved completely and in depth without talking about the many assets of this tool.

  • The first and crowning asset of digital marketing is a website that has to be advertised.
  • Blogs posted in personal, official or guest sites are assets digital marketing can use.
  • White Papers and eBooks are great mediums of advertisement of websites.
  • Digital marketing is crippled without the use of infographics which is a mashup of information and graphics, in other words illustrated information, not exactly the children book style, though.
  • Digital marketing operated through a kit of interactive tools and instruments.
  • Social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are the four pillars of this construct.
  • Branding of assets through logos, mascots and fonts is the last of its tools.

Techniques and Tactics

Digital marketing is an expansive discipline under which comes a host of features or tactics. They are:

  • SEO:
  • Content Marketing:
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  • Inbound Marketing
  • PPC or Pay Per Click
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Native Advertising
  • PR Advertisement
  • Email Marketing

The very idea of what is digital marketing can be fully understood by in-depth study of these tactics applied to this science.

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