Every year there are lakhs of graduates passing out of Indian universities. Very few manage to find jobs or businesses to start their career to earn their bread and butter.

Every small & medium size businesses and professionals need digital marketing services as Digital Marketing is a need of hour.  Simple reason being one can reach out to one’s targeted audience sitting at any corner of the world – 24 x 7 x 365 in reasonable budget. Therefore people who are in need of these services are huge numbers both in urban and rural areas.

Why Learn Digital Marketing

Today, websites are looked as technical platform and they lack the components required from a business and marketing perspective. More than anything else we at Web Master Key believe that website  is a selling platform. Most of the websites are greatly designed but they fail selling. Good design is must however product and services should always be above the design and design should not dominate the product and services. Easy navigation is the first thing expected in the website.  In order to make the website “attractive” many flashy and moving objects are placed because of which visitors get confused when navigating website and choose to get out.

We at Web Master Key have designed various courses that equipped our students with the required knowledge and experience that guarantees bright future.

Following is the important area in any of the website :

1 A nice header with great tag line that tells what the business or profession is all about.
2 Appealing and selling banners (graphic slides) with nice conceptualization
3 The call to action (CTA) button (e.g. “Call us now” with arrow to click etc.)
4 Appropriate color combination on landing page especially appropriate use of red and yellow colors that impacts the eye ball movement of visitors.
5 Email optin-in form to capture free email subscribers to be in touch with them and upsell and cross-sell the products or services.
6 Facility to reach out to reach out to the email subscribers each time there is new post published on the website
7 Facility to publish social network auto posting of posts published in the website
8 Responsiveness, website should adjust the contents as per the device they are being accessed into e.g. desktop, laptop, tab, mobile, i-phone or an i-pad. There should not be a horizontal scroll bar underneath when the website is being accessed in mobile or a tab.
9  Social sharing buttons on each page and post. Follow-us buttons of various social networking platform viz. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube and LinkedIn.
10 Content Management System (CMS platform) that entitles website owner to add, update and delete the page contents (text, images and videos) on his own
11 A blogging platform that allows visitors to comment
12 Photo-gallery with social sharing buttons and facility to play a slide-show
13 Contact us form that not only sends an email to website owner on capturing contact information of visitor but also stores record in database for future communication.
14 Finally the most important feature, search engine friendly structure
15 Needless to say, great contents and images are the important factors for any business website

Now that world is referring to web when buying any product or services, even in the job market having online identity has become imperative. Its not only for businesses but also for individuals or job seekers its imperative to have an on identity that help them selling themselves, something that they do in an interview. While some of the social media platforms are meant for having identify, there is less than one third area of the screen allotted for your identity and rest is used for advertisements. Here is where website plays important role that talks only about yourself and nothing else.

Looking at the possibilities that can be incorporated into a website, its a separate world full of benefits. People are looking out for the facilitators (webmasters) who are masters in enabling businesses and individuals to reach out to targeted audience. Learning digital marketing is therefore has gained huge important.


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