internet marketing company nagpur

Workshop On Career In Internet Marketing

internet marketing company nagpurWhy you should take this workshop?

To Understand The Various Methods Of Online Marketing

For Career Opportunities Or To Become A Freelancer & Earn Money


Topics Covered In The Workshop

1 What is Digital Marketing
2 Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing
3 How To Strengthen Your Profile For Digital marketing
4 How Soon Can We Start Earning Money As A Freelancer
5 What All Efforts To Needs To Be Taken To Learn And Establish As Internet Marketer
6 What All Online Platforms Help You Making Expert As Internet Marketer
7 What Is WordPress And Why WordPress
8 How To Design A Website In WordPress
9 What Is An Effective Online Presence
10 How A Website Designed By A Traditional Web Designer Is Different From A One Designed By An Internet Marketer
11 How To Add / Modify / Delete Contents, Images, Videos Of A Website
12 What Is Themes, Widgets & Plugins
13 How To Start Doing Internet Marketing For Self And For Others
14 Methods of Generating Traffic To A Website
15 How To Analyze Keywords For Business To Reach Potential Audience
16 What Are The Various Type Of Keywords
17 What Google Analysitcs Is
18 What Google Ad sense is
19 What Is Google Map & How It Can Benefit
20 What Is Google Re-Marketing
21 What is Social Syndication
22 What Search Engine Optimization Is
23 What Is Google Blacklisting And Its Impact
24 Difference Between A Website & Highly Converting Business Website
25 What Is Responsive Website And Why Responsive Website?

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